The curriculum is designed to ensure the all-round development of each student. The school focuses on the development of 21st century skills and tries to embed activities along with the syllabus which helps in developing these skills. The structured vertical progression of syllabus across the grades helps in the smooth transition from simple to complex concept of subjects which helps in better understanding of the subject. The curriculum in the preschool focuses more on play way method of learning. Children are engaged in activities which help them to develop motor Skills, listening skills, speaking skills, reading skills and cursive writing.

The middle school curriculum focuses on the strengthening of concepts and building up the intellectual and logical skills of the students. Students’ aesthetic sense is nurtured and students are encouraged to learn about the culture of their own country and of the other countries. Critical thinking skills is another aspect which is focussed upon to ensure children think critically and are able to solve problems and make right decisions in their life. Technology is encouraged and students and teachers are motivated to use technology in the classroom. Collaboration and team work are enhanced through physical education and various activities in the school.

The Secondary school curriculum focuses more on the guidelines laid down by the Central Board of Secondary education. Care is taken to orient students on the need to remain focussed   and balance academics and activities at the same time.