“Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all”
Greek philosopher

Director's Message

A child’s world is beautiful yet mysterious tapestry made up of a multitude of hopes and aspirations dyed in radiant colours of thoughts and deeds. The world of students is very much influenced by the school environment as they spend most of their childhood in school. Thus, schooling has the greatest influence on an individual’s life. Our aim is to enable the child to blossom into a well-balanced person, who is healthy in mind and spirit. We wish that our students may have the capacity to transform the world into a place where truth, justice, liberty and equality have the sway. The year gone by has left unforgettable memories of fantastic performances and memorable recitals. Looking back at all the achievement of the teachers and the students I can confidently say that our students have certainly made us, parents and teachers proud of their accomplishments. Lakshya Universal academy is well aware of the needs of the time. The school therefore aims at grooming students to face the approaching challenges of tomorrow by preparing its students as smart citizens of tomorrow’s nation. To achieve this we as a school have taken the first step towards introducing the 21st century strategies in both teaching and learning so that our students are well prepared for the new era which is fast approaching. The game changer is the impact of technology and its use in almost every field we can think of. The challenge of the day is man vs. machines. The only factor which can be rated as above the machine is the instinct of being able to think and solve real life problems. May the school continue to scale greater and insurmountable heights of excellence. I take this opportunity to congratulate the Principal, staff and students for their dedication and hard work. The effort and contribution of the team is highly appreciated.
Ashutosh Gupta