Students whose parents are well connected with the school perform better in their assessments and life.

  1. Parents are expected to ensure that students take ownership and responsibility of themselves and their academics. The school expects parents to motivate their children and make sure that home-work and assignments are completed by them and submitted on time. Parents must ensure that they do not complete their child’s homework or assignment.
  2. Parents must encourage students to be independent in their day to day work right from Kindergarten. They must learn to dress up, pack their bags and keep their room and table tidy.
  3. Parents must ensure that school Fees is deposited by Bank draft or cash personally in the school office before the 10th of every month. Arrears in fee dues will automatically debar a student from further attendance in the school and his/hers name will be struck off from the school enrollment.
  4. Parents must attend all open houses conducted to discuss and give feedback to parents for the way forward. Parents must also attend the orientation programmed and events organised specially for them. Parents are not allowed to visit their child’s class without prior permission.
  5. Leave is granted for medical reasons and emergencies only and must be sought in advance. Students are not allowed to leave the school campus for any reason unless the parent/guardian calls or personally collects the child from the school. Parents must provide a medical certificate in case the child is suffering from any illness which needs special attention or needs an exemption from participation in sports or games.
  6. Parents are expected to closely monitor the behavior and habits of their child and ensure that they do not get into the habit of smoking, drinking, stealing, drug addiction or a careless attitude towards studies, school and teachers.                                        
  7. The students name will be struck off from the enrollment list for any of the following reasons 

a) The child remains absent for more than two months without informing the class teacher and the school

b) The student’s school fee dues have not been cleared for more than two months.

c) A child is found to be dis-respectable and has faltered in following school norms more than three times even after being warned by the management and the Principal.

d) The student is found smoking, using drugs, possessing sharp objects or is generally defying the school regulations.