School Ethos


The School’s academic ethos focuses on encouraging the students to be independent learners and thinkers. Lakshya Universal Academy encourages students to be self-motivated and self-driven through a genuine love for the subject and not only by extrinsic rewards. Students are taught to critically analyze their own weaknesses and strengths and give their best. So the school targets to create a challenging atmosphere in the classroom where students are encouraged to think for themselves and take the responsibility for their own learning.

The key focus is on developing analytical skills and to understand the value of research across all areas of the curriculum. The school aims to engage students in worthwhile activities and research based project which would engage them meaningfully and help them to learn better. The school’s academic environment is constructed such that the students are able to apply this knowledge in their day to day experiences or using their critical thinking, problem solving and decision making skills.

Lakshya Universal Academy Dehradun ensures that the students develop empathy and understanding for not only their peer and family but also the less privileged and code of conduct. Community Service and an understanding of each other’s cultural backgrounds and religious beliefs and regional diversity is an aspect which is fortified in the school. A special focus is on environmental protection programmes and initiatives.