Principal's Message

The warm caring environment at Lakshya Universal Academy is something which draws every child and parent to peer closer into the depth of what it holds for the child. The school lays emphasis on the safety and security of the child and ensures that the child is placed in a happy and safe environment. As soon as one enters the school premises one can sense the responsibility of nurturing every child’s dreams and every parents wish .Every teacher in the school ensures that students enjoy their academic flight, experiencing challenging engagements filled with activities and meaningful learning experiences.

The goal of our education system is to create entrepreneurs, innovators, artists, scientists, thinkers and writers who can establish the foundation of a knowledge based economy.

A child gives back to the society what it gets therefore our children learn to be caring, reflective and empowered individuals, who are able to discern ethically right moves  from wrong and make conscious decisions. Activities offered help in nurturing socially useful activities which help in developing empathy for the less privileged. Life skills and moral values are embedded in the curriculum through which students learn to be aware of environmental issues and social problems.

We believe that if children are trained to be independent learners they embrace life confidently and   turn out to be lifelong learners thus taking every success and failure as a stepping stone to move forward or bounce back and emerge out as winners again and again. Thus with curricular, co-curricular and extracurricular activities the school provides an opportunity to every child to showcase their tacit qualities and develop holistically. Children get an opportunity to participate in sporting activities which help them to be healthy physically and emotionally.

The school offers professional development for teachers to keep them abreast with the 21st century teaching strategies and learning needs of the time.

We know that every child has that special gift which makes him unique. We at Lakshya hope to nurture that very talent to make him a very exceptional person to the world at large.

 Amit Sehgal

M.A. (English), M. Sc. (Math), B. Ed., GNIIT (Principal)